Berry Trust: to participate in the establishment of 30 billion yuan industrial investment fund

2018/02/01 14:58

   On April 15, Berry Trust and Xingang Investment and Development Co., Ltd. jointly launched the Zhongyuan Airport Industry Investment Fund and set up Zhongyuan Airport Industry Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. Central Plains Airport Industry Investment Fund is approved by the state to establish one of the three largest industrial investment funds, March 21, 2014 received the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission, the fund size 30 billion yuan, the first phase of 10 billion yuan. The Central Plains Airport Industry Investment Fund is invested in high-efficiency and high-growth infrastructure and high-quality industries. With a total fund size of 30 billion yuan and a term of 12 years, the Fund has adopted a limited partnership to set up a mother fund and sub-funds. The funds are closed and operated independently Accounting, mainly used in the pre-construction of airport infrastructure, capital investment, electronic information, biomedicine and aviation services and other leading industries, as well as industrial consolidation and mergers and acquisitions and other projects with large-scale, long duration and strong guidance and other advantages.

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